Posthuman Characters: The Runner

As we enter the final days of our Posthuman Kickstarter we reckon it's high time we introduced our motley crew of survivors! First up: The Runner. (Art by the inimitable Arjuna Susini!)


Posthuman - The Runner

The Runner

The runner was born five years after the Fall, into a small farming community that survived through strong kinship ties and a fairly impenetrable wooden stockade. The community was run by his uncle under the strictest terms and managed to remain untouched by mutation until recently ...

The betrayal was brutal. The traitor had consorted with the mutants and given them access to the stockade during a community-wide harvest celebration. The Runner was saved by his relatives, who were not as lucky.

His remarkable athleticism bought him a narrow escape from his pursuers. The event has made him guarded and wary, and he prefers to stay on the move rather than settle with any group or community. He makes a living delivering messages and items between communities but is getting itchy to move on…

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