Posthuman Characters: The Nun

Today's post-apocalyptic survivor is The Nun! (Art by the inspired Arjuna Susini!)


Posthuman - The Nun

The Nun

Abandoned in a secluded convent as a child, the Nun was a devout young adept at the time of the Fall. In the ensuing years she retained her spiritual devotion, but also discovered character traits she didn't know she had (including an uncanny ability to deliver a bullet on target every time, without wavering). The Nun lives by her sharp wits and icy nerve - no matter how dangerous or disturbing the situation, she is able to distance herself from her emotions and focus on her actions.

She understands that to survive she cannot preach the Way of The Lord any more, but she is still a devout believer at heart. The strength of her beliefs has given her an entrenched resistance to mutation. For reasons of self-preservation, the Nun is never heavy-handed with her beliefs, but often acts as the spiritual leader in groups and communities she comes across.

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