Posthuman Characters: The Cage Fighter

Time to take a break from refreshing the Kickstarter page and check out today's character and backstory! Artwork, as always, by the one-and-only Arjuna Susini.

Posthuman - The Cage Hunter

The Cage Fighter

What does a professional pentathlon athlete do when there’s no institutions left to support her? Bash skulls for money, that’s what! Soon after the Fall, arenas sprouted up in many a lawless urban zone. All sorts of contests were devised – some inspired by reality TV shows, others developed out of martial sports, while others still were inspired by combat arenas in ancient times.

The Cage Fighter got in on the game early. Her speed, endurance and ambidexterity gave her an early edge on much stronger and better trained fighters. As she had done in the world of professional sports, she rapidly assimilated the performance of others’ into her own, making her able to switch combat styles and improve quickly. With the safety-net of the sporting context removed, she discovered the thrill of killing for sport, and has not been able to shake it since.

Why kill her own when there’s a world full of mutants to hunt?

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