Posthuman Characters: The Cop

A mere 59 hours left on the ‪‎Posthuman‬ Kickstarter! If you're still on the fence (understandable if the field is swarming with mutants), maybe some more character art will convince you ... Today we bring you The Cop! Look smart people, and don't answer back ...

(Art, as always, by the law-abiding Arjuna Susini!)

Posthuman - The Cop

The Cop

It’s not easy to let fifteen years in the force go. Fall or no fall, there’s always a community somewhere that needs looking after ... and bossing around. Coming from a small village himself, the Cop feels duty-bound to protect and serve – when there were no more pay-checks to justify his daily toils, the Cop came to terms with the fact that this was not just a job for him, but an unshakable vocation.

He does, however, have a hard time with the serving half of “protect and serve”. The flip-side of his protective nature is a tendency to be controlling and bossy, and this inevitably causes clashes with the more vocal members of the communities he attaches himself to. It has also been the cause of the Cop’s frequent sense of unease and constant need to move on to a community more accepting of his over-protective nature …

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